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Ich biete die Kalibrierung von Monitoren und Fernsehern in Berlin an


1954 - 1965   School in Leningrad.

1965 - 1968   State Polytechnic Institute.

Degree in communication technologies 

1974 - 1979   State Film Academy (VGIK),

Moscow. Degree: Cinematographer


                 Work Experience 


1966 - 1968   Camera Mechanic,

Lenfilm-Studios, Leningrad 

1968 - 1974   Photographer

1979 - 1998   Director of Photography of over 40

feature films as well as TV   Drama.

1996 - 1997   Lecturer at the

Film and Television Academy.  Sankt-Petersburg 

1999 - 2014   Director of Photography

on German and Russian productions 

2006 -  2014   Gast-Dozent Film Academy DFFB




Russian (Mother tongue), English, German

(work. Knowledge)                        



           Voting member of the European Film Academy EFA

           Member of the Russian Cinematographers‘ Union                                                                            

Born Apr. 21.1947 in Sochi, Russia, married, 3 children


„Honoured Artist of Russia“ award for outstanding artistic achievement (1995)

„Best Director of Photography of the Lenfilm Studios“ Distinction (1994)


Awards for the best Camera:


Special Mentions for Camera, International Film Festival, Mannheim–Heidelberg, Germany, for the film: „Love is as strong as Death“


Award of the Union of cinematographers of the USSR for the best camerawork

1988 "The Days of Eclipse"


National award of the Film-press “Gold Aries” for best camerawork.1999 "The Captains Daughter".


Awards for the best camerawork. Kinoshock-Festival, Anapa, Russia (1995  „ Summer People “, 2010  „ Elysium“)


Award for the best camerawork. Gatchina Film-Festival,Russia, 2014, for “In  the Dark” and “Chapaev Chapaev”


Nominations for The Best Cameraman Award of the Russian Film Academy „NIKA“ (1990, 1993,1997,2001)


Awarded Best camera work at the " Russia Abroad International Film Festival 2015" for "Elysium".                                                                             







1978-1987 Solitary Voice of a Man, prod. VGIK Moscow, Lenfilm Leningrad. 85 min., awarded the Bronze  Leopard at the Locarno International Film Festival 1987.

dir. by A. Sokurov


1980 The Devoted, prod..Lenfilm Leningrad. 30 min.

dir. by A.Sokurov.


1982 Since We are Together, prod. Lenfilm Leningrad.95 min.

dir. by V.Grigoriev.


1983-1987 Mournful Insensibility (Gramvolle Gefühllosigkeit), prod. Lenfilm Leningrad.100 min.

,with Ramaz Chkhikwadze.Nominated Best camera work 1988”NIKA” Moscow. Took part at Berlinale 1987.

dir. by A.Sokurov


1985 Sofya Kovalevskaya, prod. Lenfilm Leningrad TV 220 min., with Helena Safonova awarded  1 st prize Chianciano Terme TV Festival 1986 (Italy).                                               dir. by A.Shachmalieva


1987 The Guest, prod. Debyut Moscow. 80 min.

dir. by A.Kaidanovsky.


1987 Myth, prod. Lenfilm Leningrad.TV 140 min., with Maris Liepa.

dir. by A.Shachmalieva


1988 The Days of Eclipse, prod. Lenfilm Leningrad.133 min., nominated “Felix” Berlin 1988.

dir. by A.Sokurov


1989 It Happend Near The Seaside, prod. Lenfilm Leningrad .90 min.

dir. by A.Shahmalieva.


1989 Save and Keep, prod. Lenfilm Leningrad. 130 min.

dir. by A.Sokurov.


1990 Moon Shadow, prod. A Magyar Televizio Hungary. 55 min., awarded the main prize at the Nordic Panorama in Arhus, Denmark.

dir. by Elisabeth Marton


1990 In the Midst of Universe, prod. Lefilm Leningrad. 50 min., with Margarita Tereckhova.

dir. by V.Amirhanian


1991 The Sacrifice for the Emperor, prod Lenfilm Leningrad. 90 min.

dir. by R.Orinbasarova.


1991The Insulted and the Injured (Erniedrigte und Beleidigte), prod.”Globus” Moscow.100 min., with Nastassia Kinski and Nikita Mikhalkov, nominated Best camera work NICA Moscow 1993.

dir. by A.Eshpai


1992 The Smoke (Rauch), prod. Gosteleradio Moscow and “Polyphon” Hamburg Germany.220 min., with Stanislav Lyubshin .

dir. by A.Shahmalieva


1992 Jewish Fortune, prod. Lenfilm Leningrad. 40 min., with E.Steblov.

dir. by V.Mansky


1993 Viva Castro, prod. Lenfilm Leningrad.90 min

dir. by B.Frumin


1994 The Castle, prod  Lenfilm Leningrad. 122 min., awarded Best Camerawork Lenfilm 1995.

dir. by A.Balabanov


1995  Summer People, prod. Gorky Studios Moscow. 100 min., awarded Critic Prise and Best camera work at the “Kinoshok” F.Festival 1995 Anapa, Russia.

dir. by S.Ursuliak


1995 Woman Interrupted, prod. Histeria Film Sweden.30 min., with Harriet Andersson.

dir. by E.Murpfy and A.Keiler 


1995 Russia’s Last Tsar, prod National Geographic  TV USA. dok. 30 min.

dir. by R.Kenner..


1996 Love is as Strong as Death, prod. Ra Film Company St. Petersburg and Freskofilm England. 90 min, awarded Critic Prize and a special mention Jury for Camera work at F.Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg 1997.

dir. by A.Nekrasov


1997 Cops and Robbers, prod. Mosfilm Moscow.95 min. ,with G.Hazanov and V.Nevinny.

dir. by N.Dostal 


1999 The Captains Daughter (Die russische Revolte), prod. NTV  Profit Russia, Roissy Films, Productions, Le Pont, Canal + France.122 min., with V.Mashkov, K.Grushka, M. Domensky. In Competition at Berlinale 2ooo National award of the Film-press “Gold Aries” for best camerawork. A.Proshkin


2000 Journey Back to Youth, prod. Atelierfilm Alexandr St. Petersburg, Ylei RadioFinland.Athosfilm Germany,doc.55min.

dir. by A.Gutman.


2001 Shoes from America, prod. Hope and Glory Film, Germany. 95 min.

dir. by A. Yachnis, with R.Chkhikvadze.


2002 Ich hiess Sabina Spielrein, Prod.  Helgi Felixson/ Ide Film Felixson                                  dir. by Elisabeth Márton


2003 Ivanov and Rabinovich, prod Mediastels, TV Russia, 8x52 min V . Bichenkov, with A. Vaha, S. Frolov.


2004 Operatziya "Eniki-Beniki", prod. NTV  Profit Russia. 90 min.

dir. by Yury Ragozin, prod. NTV  Profit Russia. 90 min.


2004 Sunless City, prod. Dom Kino +, Russia, 92 min

dir by. S. Potemkin, with Sergei Bezrukov, Maxim Averin.


2005 Myths of my Childhood, prod. Sever, Russia, 90 min.

dir. by Yuri Feting


2005 Polina Osetinskaya. Obsession., St-Peterburg Dok. Fillms St., dok. 28. min

dir. by Viktor Tihomirov


2006 Family Name, prod. Intra-TV, USA- Russia, 90 min.

dir. by Stanislav Mitin


2007 Varvara`s weddings, St. Petersburg Studio of Documentary Films, Russia, 100 min. Svetlana Schimanyuk


2009 Murka, “Petropol” Filmproduktion, Russia 120 min. E.Hohlov


2010 Elysium, „Demarsh“Filmproduktion, 110min.With E. Simonova, A. Kolubkov, V. Vetrov. Award for the best Camera, Kinoshock-Festival, Anapa, Russia, Awarde "Best camera work" at the "Russia Abroad International Film Festival 2015".                                                  dir. by A.Eshpai


2013 Chapaev Chapaev “Horosho Produktion”, 110 min., with Ivan Ohlobistin,  Russia,           dir by V. Tikhomirov


2014 In the Dark “Krasnsy Kvadrat” Filmproduction, TV, 200 min, with  M. Sukhanov,                M. Porechenkov, E. Boyarskaya, L. Bichevin , Awards for the best Camera Gatchina Film-Festival,Russia, 2014  Russia,                                                                                                        dir. By A. Eshpai



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